Special steel profiles

Hot rolled, cold rolled, cold drawn special steel profiles
Special steel profiles can be produced in various ways depending on requirements set to the product. VOL-Stahl GmbH delivers hot and cold rolled, as well as cold drawn special steel profiles.
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Elevator guide rails

Cold drawn and machined elevator guide rails
Quality of working surface of guide rails has the direct influence on speed and smoothness of movement of passenger and goods elevators. VOL-Stahl GmbH delivers the complete product range of high quality cold drawn and machined guide rails.
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Round Bright Steel

peeled round bars, cold drawn round steel
On our plant in Omutninsk we produce round bars in more than 200 different steel grades with total content of alloying elements up to 6%. This includes free-cutting steels, construction grades, tempered, case hardening, bearing and tool steels.
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Standard profiles

cold drawn standard profiles, key steel, cold drawn flat and square steel
Square, flat, hexahedrons and other profiles, as well as DIN/ISO shapes, can be produced by different methods depending on the requirements to the quality of the surface - hot rolled, cold drawn or cold rolled.
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About company

VOL-Stahl is specialized in serving the automotive and engineering industries with complex special steel sections.

Together with our parent company CJSC Omutninsk Metallurgical Plant, the leading producer of special profiles in Russia and CIS-States, we are committed to the production and delivery of hot rolled, cold rolled and cold drawn special steel profiles. By supplying products that meet strict quality requirements we are helping our customers to improve their value creation chain.

Our competitive advantages are:

Deep competence in materials and their properties through the in-house steel melting production;

Ability to meet specific requirements both to steel and geometry of products;

Wide product range: several hot rolling lines and cold forming equipment allow us to produce profiles with weight from 0,2 up to 50 kg per meter.

By leveraging our strengths we at VOL-Stahl are focused on building long-term partner relationships with our customers and thus develop and succeed together with them.


Special sections, round peeled bars and other standard profiles can be produced from a wide range of steel grades. Our own steel production enables us to adjust materials to specific requirements of the client. So, for example, especially for the needs of automotive industry by our engineers was designed steel composition that combines high mechanical properties of material with outstanding machinability. Implementation of profiles produced from this type of steel enables our customers to significantly increase durability of machining instrument.

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